About Greeno Products

We make environmentally friendly, amazing quality, affordably priced, custom print paper cups and containers with the industry's lowest minimums. If you are a small business in the foodservice industry, never again should you be turned down to brand your own cups because you are not "big enough". If you are a bakery, ice-cream shop, taco stand and you want custom printed cups, you have come to the right place.

Please give us a call at 1-800-313-6568 and we will walk you through step by step on ordering your custom print paper cups for your business today!

Why Custom Print?

When you walk into a coffee shop or a restaurant, chances are you are walking out with a cup, a bag, a take-out box that has the store's branding on them. They are walking bilboards for your business. There was a time when only larger chain organizations could afford to have custom branded packaging primarily because the minimum requirements were so high. Those days are over.

Today, the smallest of busineses can have the same professional appearance as their larger competitors. Greeno Products works with single store operaters to national multi-chain franchises. Contact us today for an evaluation of your custom packaging needs and a free quote.